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Man walking on log in forest

A Call to Hands and Hearts

Begin a life up close.

Touch more, heal more.

If you have been overwhelmed by the tiny details instead of the big picture

you may now be ready to do the reverse. 

If you have been focusing on self-empowerment, self-care, or self-love, hold on, gather your energy, your inspiration, your need for answers and find the company of those who are ready to take action.

Be a quiet warrior or be a loud one, but do something, even one small thing. Each day, or week, or month, do something to make the planet proud.

If you are ready to be of the Earth and Nature, not simply rule over it; if you are ready to see how even your gentle pebble, tossed into the sea of voices, can still make ripples; if you have felt or seen the effects of isolation and loneliness and are ready to truly connect with human beings and your loved ones, stirring empathy into hurting or hollow hearts, then begin with “touch”, the very first sense we ever had.

Our Story

Hand to Heart Being offers a variety of services to support your needs in whichever stage of life you might be. You may feel as though your search for balance has been lifelong. Finding time for self-care can be challenging, whether you are living alone, caring for a young family, aging parents - or even both. I know, because I have been there too...

My goal is to help you physically connect - or re-connect- with your own body to create a regular self-help practice and a new awareness of what it feels like to be truly relaxed and "well". In this way, you will be better able to recognize when to seek help before any current or future condition becomes chronic.

It is also my desire that we, as humans, re-establish the value of communication of unconditional love through touch within ourselves, with our partners, our families and our closer community.

Our touch deprived society can only benefit from teaching our children the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch - right from infancy. Ultimately, the rules around touch we have created in our school systems and workplaces - combined with the increasingly isolating technology we enjoy - only serve to rob us of the life skills we need to enjoy wholesome, compassionate and truly 'connected' lives.

Let me introduce you to some new tools and therapies, including shiatsu massage, and have some fun along the way.

Let's Connect


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