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and enjoy a complementary Head/Neck/Shoulders mini shiatsu session with your purchase


Who is most excited about gift giving in your home? Does the idea of bringing more "stuff" into your household not sit well with you, in a world where over-consumption is the norm?  You may be ready to gift experiences:

Hand to Heart Giving - this holiday season

What's in store for 2024?

Of course we would all love to know. But first let us ask ourselves what worked well in 2023.
We are coming to the end of the year in which - according to the 9 Star Ki system of energetic interpretation, which I have been integrating into my practice since last year - we were all in the strongest position to truly embody the person we showed up to be, and embrace the "work" we are here to accomplish or learn. 
Did you perhaps feel more driven this past year? Did you step into the spotlight? Did you engage with more compassion? Was it a particularly creative year for you, or a year of completion and refinement of tasks and ideas? If can answer yes to any of the above, you most definitely stepped into the energy of the year. If you regretfully answered no to all of them, I can help.

Now that we transition into the new year, new challenges and opportunities await. Would you love to explore where to head next? By helping you to understand your dominant Facial Archetypes, as well as the particular energetics of the day on which you were born, I can help you to identify any issues or blocks that may be holding you back and suggest a number of options to help move you through areas where you may feel stuck
. Suggestions may include dietary, physical, mental and even simple lifestyle practices.  Are you a goal oriented Warrier, an empathic Captivator, a giving Nurturer, a sensitive Royal, or an intuitive Sage. Are you in balance, or struggling with challenges. Let's find out... 

Elemental Energetics Coaching /
Archetype Facial reading with 9 Star Ki report
- ONLY $99 (regularly $150) 

Family Faces consultation - add $50 to the individual price, for each family member you wish to includ





Do you have family members who perpetually give you "attitude" or spend all their time trying to avoid you? Would you like some tools to help understand them on a deeper level, while figuring out why you might be pushing each other's buttons?
Learn how to find harmony and balance within the FIVE elements upon which all life is based - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Let's find out where you or a family members might be stuck energetically, physically, emotionally or mentally, and create ways to find relief,
direction, connection or simply compassion for each other, so life looks beautiful again.
This can be done via Zoom or in person. All I need is some photos, and birthdates


PARTNERS DATE NIGHT - Learn how to practice a loving and relaxing shiatsu based relaxation session with each other . One 2.5 -3 hour session (switch from giver to receiver 1/2 way through, or two  separate 75- 90 minute sessions with only one giver/receiver

$150 (regularly $180)

HEALTHY TOUCH, HAPPY FAMILY -  Headaches, stomach aches, sleep problems, anxiety. Do these sound familiar?  Add to your toolkit without reaching for an over the counter drug. Learn to help yourself and your family with the most common health concerns for all ages.  Using only your thumbs and palm pressure, gentle stretching and shaking techniques - learn a shiatsu based, relaxation treatment that is easy to practice through loose comfy clothing with your loved ones, on a blanket, bed or massage table. 
$150 - $250 depending on the number of classes/participants. 
Take it twice and get a "Healthy Touch Healers in the House" Certificate to proudly display in your home.

Infant massage classes - (for ages 4 weeks to pre-crawling) 4 class private series - $120 (my location) add $40 for house calls.

Holiday Special deals  - or simply gift a designated amount:

Sauna /Shiatsu retreat - 30 minute far infrared sauna/ 1 hour shiatsu - $95  
Couples afternoon or evening retreat - One of you has a shiatsu while the other saunas then trade places, rest and enjoy tea and a treat- while exploring my essential oil collection and inspiration decks  $180

Shiatsu therapy session - restore balance, or address physical issues with thumb and palm pressure through your own loose, comfy clothing.
60 minutes for $75, 75 minutes for $90, 90 minutes for $105 (save $10)
(save an extra $10 for students and seniors)
Reiki 45 minutes - restore and release -  $60 
Access Bars - step out of limiting beliefs with this gentle head focused therapy - $50

Introductory sauna session :
30 minute Basic session -$13 (bring your own towels and toiletries, except soap)30 minute Comfort session - $16 (towels, essential oil diffusion, electrolyte drink, toiletries included) 




Gua Sha facials or Silicone facial/cosmetic cupping.
Using rose quartz or jade tools, gua sha or cup
ping using facial oils with pure essential oils and has many benefits such as promoting lymphatic flow, addressing fine lines, deep wrinkles, and relieving sinus issues, headaches and TMJ.  $20
Add Facial /head/ neck Gua Sha or Cupping mini treatment to another service - ONLY $10

Purchase by email transfer (FOR AN EMAILED GIFT CERTIFICATE0)
Purchase in person for cash, cheque or etransfer by arrangement. 


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