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In honour of having a mother, being a mother or simply needing a little mothering, I would like to introduce some delicious new experiences I have curated for you. The special package prices will remain through the month of May. Combining my many holistic tools, each of these one-of-a-kind offerings may each appeal just a little more to one of the 5 Facial Archetypes I have mentioned in previous newsletters. Let me know which of them intrigues you the most....

Queen for a Day

Begin with a face and neck Gua sha (with rose quartz) or silicone cupping treatment to alleviate facial tension. Then, choose between a full-body, 60 minute shiatsu therapy treatment or a reiki session, both of which can be enjoyed while fully clothed. Release the remnants of your stress by indulging in a personalized diffusion of essential oils tailored to your preferences. Enhance your experience by integrating the therapeutic power of gemstones, and conclude with an Archetypal clearing and balancing session. $120

Soothing Surrender

Allow a guided visualization to lead you to a state of tranquility, then transition into a profound and restorative journey within, with a shiatsu therapy or reiki session - no talking needed - set to your preferred music. Delve into a comprehensive or targeted 5 Element Oracle Card reading with Raissa, and finish with some time alone to journal or colour in a Mandala page, while sipping a cup of soothing tea.  $110

Manifesting Magic

If you're dealing with eye issues, headaches, difficulty staying on task, or irritation from obstacles, this session is designed to help you overcome mental, physical, or emotional challenges, whether they occur in your private or professional life. We start with basic vision improvement exercises and self-care practices, followed by a one-hour shiatsu or reiki session to address your immediate needs. Lastly, we engage in a brainstorming focus session, utilizing the concepts of Facial Intelligence and Elemental Energetics, to explore what the rest of the year holds for you based on your unique energetic signature and how to optimally balance your energies to achieve your goals. $140

Feeling Groovy 

A wonderful, heated far-infrared sauna awaits you, for a chance to sweat out the small stuff, while doing your body the favour of a delicious detox. Enjoy an alkalinizing recovery drink (from Young Living) as well as some energizing and joyful essential oil blends during your post sauna shiatsu OR reiki session. Rest for awhile, and then enjoy your choice of a mini Facial Intelligence consultation exploring your relationship with yourself, or a loved one; OR help create your own essential oil personal scent blend in a personal discovery session - whichever sounds the most fun! $140

Nature vs Nurture

Are you often putting the needs of others ahead of your own? Do you spend time worrying about things you cannot change?  In this session you will enjoy a unique combination of 45 minutes of Shiatsu and a 45 minute Access the Bars session. Involving the simple light touch of 32 points on the head, it serves as a gentle but powerful tool to step out of limiting beliefs. The effect of having your "bars run" can vary from an increased sense of peace and relaxation to being less reactive to previous concerns, to even deeper, more restful sleep. Conclude the session with a cup of nurturing tea, while helping Raissa to create your own personal relaxing blend of essential oils in an easy roll-on bottle. $120


NEW - Mother/Daughter Discovery Days - private or group

Do you grapple with negative feelings about your body? Would you like to instill a more positive body image within your own daughter, so she can move through life with greater self-esteem and body awareness? Let's work together to make that happen. 
Come to Hand to Heart Being, for a series of morning or afternoon sessions and and learn some simple hands-on ways to create a deeper sense of well-being for each other.
Shiatsu based techniques will be taught for coping with a variety of everyday aches and pains, as well as symptoms of physical, mental and emotional stress. Learn ways to incorporate essential oils into your lives, explore oracle cards, gemstones and percussive instruments as ways of bringing more peace, joy and wellbeing into your lives and your relationship.
Learn about each other's Facial Archetypes in order to understand each of your innate designs and way of seeing the world may differ. 

This offer can be adapted to girls aged 5 - 18.
One hour Introductory workshop - $80 
Series of 4 sessions - Only $299 , if purchased by May 31st/24.
Group rates can apply for up to 4 mother/daughter pairs

Spring Transitions Specials -

Elemental Energetics Coaching - Allow me to help you better understand the person you see in the mirror, as well as how others might see you. What do your unique Archetypal facial features say about you and how you show up in life? Learn how to move more seamlessly through life's challenges, as well as into each season. Let's explore and understand how you behave under stress as well as how and why you get stuck, either personally or professionally. Appreciate and embrace your greatest gifts to better navigate the challenges along your life's path.
Harnessing the principles of Five Element theory - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal - used in both Shiatsu therapy and Chinese medicine,  as well as the 5 Archetypes of Facial Intelligence - Sage, Warrior, Captivator, Nurturer and Royal - Elemental Energetics Coaching can help you move gracefully and purposefully into action, especially after a long winter.
Only $60 for 45 minutes now through May

For this " Discovery Session" I simply need you to send me 4 photographs of you from several specified viewpoints, as well as your full birthdate and I can create an initial starting point and suggestions for moving through one current obstacle.
You may choose to work with me further, on a series of coaching calls. (Fees depend on package.) You may even wish to get insight into family members, without the need to even involve them. How fun is that?


Spring is usually about doing a declutter and a detox. So let's sweat out the small stuff and perhaps you be ready to release some of the big stuff.
Then relax and restore with a full body, shiatsu therapy treatment. 
Enjoy a 30 minute sauna/60 minute shiatsu session for only $99 through May.

Just ask for the Spring Transition Special 
Of course you can still simply enjoy either a sauna or a shiatsu or the other.

Contact me for current rates.


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