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Group connecting


"Never underestimate the power of simply touching each other. Sometimes it can say what words can not." -Unknown

Hand to Heart Being's mission is to create connection in a world of disconnection. Join one of our many in-person or online programs that will not only bring you together with like-minded individuals but will also help you reach more deeply within yourself using not only hands-on tools, but the profound understanding of Facial Intelligence Holistic Human Understanding and Elemental Energetics.

Healthy Breast Program
Woman in bra

Learn how to connect with your body on a deeper level by joining one of our many breast health educational workshops. As a Breast Health Educator, we teach the 12 modules of the Mammalive Foundation as well as special workshops such as "Sips and Tips"- the Top 12 Breast Health Tips along with breast health-promoting teas, and "Oils and Tips" - the top tips as well as the top breast health-promoting essential oils to create a breast massage regime.

What Our Clients Say...

"I highly recommend the Healthy Breast Foundations Program... The course delves into all aspects of women's health, not just physical. Raissa is lovely and extremely knowledgeable. Her teaching style is compassionate and professional and she encourages discussion and questions. Recipes, teas, kundalini yoga and meditation were shared and tried. I learned so much about breast health and beyond. This course is helpful for all women." - D.B

Wellness Classes & Playshops
Family Cuddling

Enjoy the special bonding that occurs when we take the time to connect both physically and emotionally with our children. Practice hands-on techniques for relaxation along with age-appropriate fun and games for ages 4 - 13. Group classes or private sessions also help teach your kids the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch in a safe environment. The touch-deprived society we have created within our school systems and workplaces - combined with the increasingly isolating devices we enjoy- only serves to rob us of the life skills we need to enjoy wholesome, compassionate, and truly "connected" lives.
Be a part of the change today by starting with your family. Wellness classes include self-care workshops, mother/daughter workshops, father/son workshops, classes for seniors, and more. Facial Intelligence and Elemental Energetics Coaching helps you understand yourself and your loved ones on a deeper and more profound level by learning the specific facial cues, language and Archetypal energies with which we experience and navigate our world.

Infant Massage Classes
infant massage

Learn how to enhance communication with your baby, while helping with digestive, gas/colic, weight gain, and sleep issues. Infant massage classes lay the foundation for your baby to become a child/adult with self-esteem, confidence, and compassion while boosting your confidence as a parent. Group or private Infant Massage classes are taught according to the standards of the International Association of Infant Massage. Suitable for parents/caregivers with infants from birth to pre-crawling.

Also available: shiatsu for babies and toddlers

Prenatal/newborn workshops - learn basic strokes & gas/colic routine.

What Our Clients Say...

"As a new mom, I looked for ways to connect and bond with my young son. One of the first activities we did together was to participate in Raissa's Infant Massage class. Over the weeks of the course I learned how to best care for my son through the gift of touch. Raissa's instruction was so well received and despite the large class size, we felt we had her individual attention. Her guidance had me feeling like a pro in no time. Three years later I still cherish those memories and truly feel that her gentle wisdom helped me to become a better, more intuitive mother. " -A.C

Essential Oil Workshops
essential oil workshops

Incorporating high quality, therapeutic grade Young Living Essential oils and products into your home can truly complement a conscious lifestyle. Chosen for their physical, immunological, mental, emotional or spiritual attributes, or even picked intuitively - single oils or even blends can be diffused or topically applied when desired. Arrange a free introduction anytime and unlock a new world of well-being, including supplements, personal care, cosmetics and household cleaners that are good for you and your entire home.


Also available - personal blending sessions to create your own signature roll-on scent.

Ready to Join One of Our Programs?

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