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Healthy Breast Foundations Program

Join a Global Community of Women Educating Women

The worldwide incidence of breast cancer is increasing steadily, even among men, and it is clearly a complicated issue requiring a multilevel approach. By focusing on prevention, we can make a difference in our present society and for future generations. Together we will become aware of ways to reduce our exposure to environmental toxins; how to make simple changes to our diets with a focus on detoxification and balancing hormones; and engage in practices that address and nurture our spiritual awareness while nurturing joy and reducing the effects of the stress in our busy lives.


The Healthy Breast Program was created by Sat Dharam Kaur ND, author of "The Compete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer" and president of the MammAlive Foundation, a non-profit organization that educates women with evidence-based research on breast health-promoting practices.

Raissa Chernushenko has been certified as a Healthy Breast Educator since 2016 and is currently a board member of the MammAlive Foundation in the role of Environmental activism lead.

My Breast Health Journey Began 16 Years Ago...

after a routine infrared breast thermography and ultrasound, I discovered I had a cyst in my breast. I was concerned about what that might lead to, so, with the help of my naturopath and the "Complete, Natural Guide to Women's Breast Cancer", by Sat Dharam Kaur ND, I embarked on a 3 month cleanse, along with herbal, homeopathic, nutritional, lymphatic, dietary and even spiritual support. At the conclusion I was re-tested, and the cyst was gone! I knew then that I had to share with other women, the control they had over their own breast health through lifestyle choices.

In 2017, I became a Certified Breast Health Educator through the MammAlive Foundation for Breast Health and education. It is the only stand alone program I have come across, focused on how to not only optimize breast health and help reduce your risk for breast cancer, but it ALSO reboots your entire outlook and approach to health, by exploring ways you can adapt your lifestyle to create a conscious and conscientious lifestyle. 

Learn how to balance your hormones, how to choose healing foods, how to avoid toxins and heavy metals, how to explore your emotions, life purpose, and your spiritual views.

The Healthy Breast Program

A 12 module program taught by educators certified by the MammAlive Foundation for Breast Health Education. It can be taught on a monthly basis, or in weekend retreats, and is comprised of: 

1. Introduction to the Healthy Breast Program
2. Get to Know Your Breasts
3. Improve Lymphatic Circulation
4. Make Sense of the Hormone Puzzle
5. Heal Yourself, Heal the Earth
6. Foods for Breast Health
7. Nutritional Strategies for Breast Health
8. Detoxify Your Whole Body
9. Empower Your Immune System
10.Ignite Your Passion and Purpose
11. Live with Gratitude, Intuition, and Prayer
12.Let Your Radiance Shine

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Who Can Benefit From This Program?

Young Dietitian

Women of all ages interested in reducing their risk of breast cancer

Smiling Women

Women who have been recently diagnosed, who are in treatment, or who have recovered and want to prevent a recurrence, as well as women with dense breasts or who have a family history of breast cancer

Smiling Fit Man

Men of all ages interested in reducing their risk of breast cancer

Happy Couple


“Material was massive – covering many topics/areas of interest that were most helpful. From daily nutrition, hormones, nutritional support, detox, all the symptoms to lymphatic drainage was helpful – my concern was lymphatic drainage so I appreciated the helpful presentation.”

- E.F (Taken From

“I would highly recommend [Sips and Tips - the healthy breast tea party.] My friend and I were pleasantly surprised at how much important information was given to us. The teas and treats were delicious!"

— T.J.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Breast Health Journey?

To accommodate online learning, you may join a group in watching 12 hour-long recorded power-point webinars with Sat Dharam Kaur ND herself, guiding you through the many facets of breast health. Each of the twelve modules includes a home practice program and a yoga tutorial with breathwork and meditation from the Kundalini tradition.

After you finish each module, there will be a scheduled Zoom call appointment with me to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and share your experience in integrating the module material.


$400 for the complete 12 module program
$350 for "thrivers and survivors"

If you are not able to make a 12-week commitment, watch for upcoming periodic workshops of 1-2 workshops/modules at a time, presented live on Zoom by Raissa, with a group follow up call to discuss how to make a series of small changes that will profoundly affect your health and lifestyle. Invite some friends, your sister, your mother, or your daughter to join you in learning and practicing this valuable, life-changing information.

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