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Wellness Classes & Playshops

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Self-Care Workshops

Themed “hands-on” workshops, drawing from a background of shiatsu therapy, Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga and essential oils, teaching you many ways to address common health concerns from migraines to menopause, back health to immune boosting.

Shiatsu for Couples

Schedule quality time with your partner to learn how to practice a basic shiatsu relaxation massage for each other, either on a mattress or a low massage table. Find new ways to communicate your unconditional love through touch, while allowing yourself to listen to your body.  Make it a date night focused on both of you, or make one date all about one of you and switch places the next time. All couples are welcome, even just friends. Available in person or via Zoom. 

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Lunch and Learn “Keyboard Shiatsu” Talks

Learn how to reduce symptoms of “desk work stress” in a hands-on workshop guiding you and your staff or colleagues though a head to hips chair self-care session. These sessions are also great for families or anyone schooling online.

"Let's Relax" Playshops

Parent/child hands-on classes for the elementary school years help you create personalized, quality, down time for your hurried family, with “bedtime", “wake-up” and “anytime” routines, that balance your busy lives with fun and games.  Watch how it helps to decrease symptoms of anxiety, digestive issues and even sleep issues.

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Mother and Daughter

Mother/Daughter Teen Workshops

Come with your mother and/or daughter and learn hands-on self–care tools and healthy body image promoting habits that empower women of all ages. Together we can create stronger bonds and balanced lives through the tumultuous teenaged years to young adulthood.

Father/Son Teen Workshops

Join in with your father or son to learn the importance of being a nurturing role model in a healthy father/son relationship while focusing on body awareness, stress release and ways to prevent work and play injuries.

Father and Son Fishing
Family Reminiscing

Workshops for Seniors

Our senior and elderly are some of our most valuable, yet most touch deprived, members of society. Learn ways to address our changing needs, as well as physical and mental health conditions as we age, incorporating touch tools and essential oils safe enough to practice simply sitting in a chair.

Happy Family


"On the advice of a very smart woman, I started "hug therapy" with my 18-year-old
daughter who suffers from mild depression and anxiety. I insisted that we hug for 60
seconds 3 times a day. It started with eye rolls, resistance, groans and really lackluster
hugs on her part - lol! Eventually, it morphed into eye rolls with a smile and an "ok fine, if
I have to attitude" but done so willingly. After a short while, I noticed that it was me
breaking the hug first. The entire mood of the house was improved and our relationship
has really gotten back on track. Thank you Raissa! Awesome and very effective


“Raissa demonstrated several helpful techniques that I can do myself to help my children relax and to help treat their growing pains. This has helped tremendously and has enriched our lives.”

— M.T.

Schedule Your Personalized Wellness Workshop

All workshops are available privately or in groups - even online - and can be arranged to suit your schedule. Prices vary depending on the size of the group and length of the workshop, so do inquire for more details, so we can help create the best experience for you and/or your loved ones.

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